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Equipment Financing and Procurement

The PRI group provides waste consulting and recycling services assisting companies with managing their recycling programs. The services we provide are designed to provide companies a more effective and affordable means in managing, collecting and disposing of recyclable commodities generated in their day-to-day business operations.

Our Services Include:

Equipment Consultation

The PRI Group works with a number of equipment manufacturers and dealers and will determine the right equipment needed in your company’s new recycling program. From throughput analysis to power requirements, our team will engineer the right solution, from design to installation to implementation.

Equipment Financing

The PRI Group brings flexible financing solutions for all your company’s equipment and resource acquisitions. Typical financing programs provide optimal terms and conditions for equipment financing needs.

Equipment Sales and Leasing

We often have equipment available for sale or lease.
Please call us at (630) 477-4040 to inquire.